[200q20v] Overheat alarm? at 24deg?

Mike Miller MikeMilr at blackfoot.net
Tue Nov 27 08:23:36 EST 2001

I replaced my MF switch about two weeks ago for a false overtemp alarm.
Fixed the problem. Mne started off being intermittent, then became solid.
Turn on the ignition and within a minute, overtemp. Didn't seem to affect
boost. I've had my car for over 5 years and this is the 3rd one I've

mike miller
helmville mt  25 deg and boosting it:-)

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> Problem...got in the car tonight at 11pm after 16 hours at work, and was
> looking forward to the drive.  After about 20 minutes of driving,
> a stop at a friends house when I left the engine running, engine coolant
> alarm comes on.  Now, this is Denver, it's snowing out, and the outside
> is 24deg, according to the car.  I pull into a station and check the
> tank, which seems a little low, so I fill it.  Get back on road, all seems
> well, turn on heater...bang, alarm goes off.  And stops, after 2-3 min.
> goes off.  You get the idea.
> During this time, the Acutal Temp, on the Gauge, never rises more than 50%
> above the first thin hashmark, well below the temp at which the fan should
> come on.  And it can't be low coolant, I just filled the silly thing.
> Once I'm on the highway for a short while, the alarms stop.  The temp at
> this point is below the first thin hashmark.
> Slow down to get off highway, get off on exit, don't even have to stop for
> light...Alarm goes off.  Supress desire to put fist through dash.
> Drive home, check Oil (fine) and Coolant (Fine).  Squeeze upper radiator
> hose, hear gurgling noises, check coolant in overflow tank again.  It's
> still fine.
> OK, time for advanced trouble sensing.  Turn car on, turn AC to max, wait.
> Fan comes on pretty much when it should.  Goes off (completely) shortly
> thereafter, without much motion on gauge.
> Turn heat to max, fan does not come on, although gauge reaches HIGHER temp
> than the temp at which it came on w/AC running.
> Turn Climate control off.  Gauge climbs to near first thick hashmark, fan
> comes on, gauge CONTINUES TO CLIMB, and fan goes off after needle is
> centered over hashmark.
> It's 1am, I'm exhausted and out of ideas.  Is this, as I suspect, a bad
> Multi-Function sensor?  Would that cause the screwy gauge readings as
> Or is this something more esoteric?  The M-F (appropriate, that) TS is
> than 2 years old; should it go bad this quickly?
> Thanks in advance, Ron.
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