[200q20v] Re: Evans Coolant NPG+

Huw Powell audi at mediaone.net
Thu Nov 29 01:02:44 EST 2001

> Any thoughts?  I remember a few listers spoke vehemently against
> using NPG, and I -think- it was because of the viscosity problem.
> Well, if they've fixed that, is it worth a go?

I thought the big issue was that the stuff was flammable?

> Oh...and I nearly fainted at the price.  Quantities up to 3 gallons,
> $25/gal.  That's some pricey coolant.  It will last the lifetime of
> the car, and one of the toted benefits is a zero-pressure system that
> supposedly makes heater cores etc last longer; if it prevents a
> heater core meltdown, it could easily pay for itself.

sure, the pressure thing is cool.  Not sure I'd want to leave *any*
fluid in for years and years and years though... it's bound to turn
yucky colors.  But you'd prolly never blow a hose again.  Wait, what I
meant to say was... oh, never mind...

Huw Powell



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