[200q20v] soft boost?

Beer, Jerald jbeer at BooseCasey.com
Tue Oct 2 14:43:56 EDT 2001

  Just for grins, I disconnected the WGFV. Interestingly, the car will only
pull about 10psi, and is sluggish to get there. Normally pulls 21-22 peak,
15-16 @ 6,000). Feels like the old TBV hose is cracked, which it is
not(visual inspection, behind heat shield too). Car has k24/26 from 2B,
older IA3 chip, 2.5 PT and T-P WG spring. Car reads 18in Hg at warm idle so
I don't think vacuum leak. No apparent boost leak (no sound, MM hose one
year old, lower intercooler hose replaced 6 months ago, recent Bosch 108 TBV
installed). Is this an anomoly because of the slightly bigger turbo, or is
there something wrong? BTW, no codes showing up. TIA
91 200qa(waiting for its GP RS2 EC)

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