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Beer, Jerald jbeer at BooseCasey.com
Fri Oct 5 10:48:23 EDT 2001

  There is NO mistaking stage lll. Cars soulds like a jet waiting to launch.
Volt gauge does a nose dive. It has only occurred on 3-4 occassions. Most of
my driving is not bumper to bumper. The temp gauge rarely gets to half way
and the second stage (a/c running has first stage) will occur before
halfway. I do have an all metal rad, and have vented the fender liners.
Otherwise, everything seems to run OK. 

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 10/4/01, Beer, Jerald wrote:
>Thanks for the tip Scott. I rarely if ever have the fan on high speed (hard
>to miss that sound). However, I will upgrade to 80a, plus a spare at your
>suggestion. I did blow a couple of 30's, so I went to the 40a.
>91 200qa
>97 Cab

You live in So. Florida and "rarely  *if ever* have the fan on high
speed"??? Hmm sounds suspicious...like you may have other problems with the
fan circuit (resistor pack?

Phil Rose				Rochester, NY

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