[200q20v] Re: [urq] Noisy Water Pump after 2500 miles? Wha???

Bill Bennett quattro at europa.com
Wed Oct 10 19:38:09 EDT 2001

Jon, First the water pump, what brand did you use? I would only recommend a
Hepu, has a bronze impeller, rather pretty for a water pump. Second the
timing belt, could you have over tensioned it? if you did I would replace
both, we could hook up, let me use Mr. Ear, and umm, cop a feel on the belt
tension Best Regards, Bill
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> I replaced my water pump approx. 9 months and 2500 miles ago along with
> timing belt. A few weeks ago, I noticed a "bad bearing rumbling" type of
> noise very similar to the last time I had a water pump go out on a car. I
> NOT have a power steering pump or A/C compressor, and the noise definitely
> seems to be coming from the front of the block. It is only noticeable at
> idle, and has not seemed to get worse in the 200 miles or so I have driven
> the car since I first noticed it. The motor is a 3B (20vt). Has anybody
> had a similar experience? Is it possible that the part could function
> normally for quite a while, just more noisy than normal? I will most
> be "undressing" the front end of the car for some other work this winter,
> I may just swap another one in at that point. Any BTDT, Advice, opinions?
> Thanks and Best to All,
> Jon
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