[200q20v] Coolant hose part numbers

stevequattro at aol.com stevequattro at aol.com
Thu Oct 11 01:41:37 EDT 2001

I am with you all the way. If you do the hoses before they reach the end of 
their service life, you greatly reduce the chances that they will leave your 
wife and child stranded.  Audi hoses are good but they will leave you 
stranded eventually. They are also reasonably easy to do, and their security 
costs much less than the new A6.
I always keep a roll of hose repair tape in the tool kit just in case anyway. 
It saved me in my GTI once. This would be recommended if you take Bernie's 
advice. :) 

I do not have the hose to turbo part #, I used a heavy duty braided hose cut 
to length from a local shop. Also, I have included some prices that were 
quoted to me FYI (few yrs old now so don't hold me to them)
Here is the list of part #'s that I have.
447 121 101P    Aux rad, lower  $33.00 @Dealer
447 121 101Q      "      , upper  $54.00 @Dealer
447 121 109A   Coolant recovery tank, lower  $3.00 @GPR
443 121 107A   Coolant recovery tank, top (5mm x 640mm) $6.00 @GPR
447 121 055B   Radiator, lower-to thermostat  $7.00 @GPR
447 121 101S   Radiator, upper (T) to turbo electric water pump and head 
$110.00 @GPR
447 121 081     From turbo electric water pump to heater pipe $11.00 @GPR
443 819 373D   Heater hose return to water pipe $5.00 @GPR
034 121 063C   From heater pipe to back of thermostat housing $3.00 @GPR
443 819 371B   Heater valve to heater core  $22..30 @dealer
443 819 371      Heater valve to block  $6.60 @dealer

**GPR = German Parts and Restoration 

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