[200q20v] V8 Taillight Group Purchase Update 3 Public

TM t44tq at mindspring.com
Thu Oct 11 10:22:50 EDT 2001

I have organized a group purchase through Tom at Euro-Car Service
in Norton, OH for the V8 taillights.

It is very short notice, but the group purchase ends tomorrow, October
12th, at 5PM Eastern Time.

Please see details below- you must contact Tom to place an order, not

The deadline is tomorrow!!!!!

It looks like there may be at least 3 extra sets available- first come,
first served- call Tom. Contact info is below.

You will not be able to get the lights for this cheap, most likely,
ever again- dealer price is north of $700 on these lights.

While I cannot guarantee satisfaction, I have done business with Tom
before and their outfit seems like a good one.

'91 200q

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Subject: V8 Taillight Group Purchase Update 2- FINAL
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You're getting this email because you expressed interest in purchasing
a set of V8 taillights.

Here are the final numbers:
$320 per set, plus shipping from 44203 to whereever you are


The vendor is Euro-Car Service in Norton, OH
Ask for Tom, mention my name as the GP originator

$150 nonrefundable deposit to secure your order- Tom doesn't want to
be stuck with multiple sets of V8 taillights that he can't sell

Tom takes Visa, MC- you must ask about AMEX or Discover- I don't know

Tom will mail you a receipt for your deposit- I have nothing to do with
the monetary end of this transaction

It will take 3-4 weeks from the time the order is placed to receive the

There are only 9 sets available- I am getting one, so that one doesn't
Beyond that- only 9 sets- first come, first served. There are 10 people on
this email, so first come, first served. You all have an equal shot, I am
sorry that I can't do this in a better fashion.

READ THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The deadline for ordering these lights is Friday, October 12th, 5PM Eastern
If you do not get your order in by then, it will not be processed.

I have no interest in this order other than getting myself and you a
price for the lights. I have no ties, financial or otherwise, to Euro-Car
or its employees or owners.

Thanks for your interest- email me if you have any questions/concerns, I
will try
to answer them as best I can.

I will not make this info public until you all give me confirmation yea/nay
you can commit to an order by next Friday. Once I have confirmation and the
don't add up to 10, I will make a public posting on the q-list about the
group purchase.

Taka Mizutani
t44tq at mindspring.com

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