[200q20v] Rack to pump hose replacement

Mark Suttner msuttner at columbus.rr.com
Sun Oct 14 13:41:49 EDT 2001

This falls under the category of If I had to do again I could do it in 1
hour rather than the 4 and 3 trips to sears tool counter.

Recently 200q20v started using large amounts of CHF.  Like I am SURE I
filled that 20 min ago. . .   The pump to rack high pressure hose was
leaking.  The rack end was bolted on in a downward angle (there is a little
freedom in how it is positioned) and it was rubbing on a black rod.

The problem was removing/installing the 17mm bolt on the rack.  The solution
was removing the reservoir and bracket to get some access and purchasing a
3/4" box end ratchet (17mm not available?!).  There was just enough
clearance for the wrench to click once.  Oh and needed an extender to get
some leverage - home made out of angle iron and a bolt.

Had I only noticed that hose was chafing. . .


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