[200q20v] Rack to pump hose replacement

Kneale Brownson knotnook at traverse.com
Sun Oct 14 14:47:33 EDT 2001

The tube is the stabilizer bar, I think.  Moves back and forth 
perpendicular to the path of the hose as the wheels turn.    You have to 
pay attention that when you snug up the Banjo Bolt fastening the high 
pressure hose to the rack, you also don't turn the fitting clockwise enough 
the hose comes in contact with the bar.  I tucked a multi-folded towel 
under the hose while doing the final tightening to maintain a little 
distance.   You'll see the paint worn off the top of that bar in the hose 
contact region on most Type 44's.

At 12:41 PM 10/14/2001 -0400, Mark Suttner wrote:

>This falls under the category of If I had to do again I could do it in 1
>hour rather than the 4 and 3 trips to sears tool counter.
>Recently 200q20v started using large amounts of CHF.  Like I am SURE I
>filled that 20 min ago. . .   The pump to rack high pressure hose was
>leaking.  The rack end was bolted on in a downward angle (there is a little
>freedom in how it is positioned) and it was rubbing on a black rod.
>The problem was removing/installing the 17mm bolt on the rack.  The solution
>was removing the reservoir and bracket to get some access and purchasing a
>3/4" box end ratchet (17mm not available?!).  There was just enough
>clearance for the wrench to click once.  Oh and needed an extender to get
>some leverage - home made out of angle iron and a bolt.
>Had I only noticed that hose was chafing. . .
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