Re, [200q20v] Low oil temperatures!!!

Derek Pulvino dbpulvino at
Tue Oct 30 03:54:14 EST 2001

Mr. Berlin,

Frothy oil is a good indicator of water condensate containing oil.  When I 
say frothy, I'm thinking a light brown "cappacino like (from Seattle, I'm 
supposed to reference all things to this standard, not neccesarily spell it 
right)" foam that would be noted on the dipstick after driving.  This 
"Starbucks" froth would be seen at the point where the oil level stops on 
the dipstick.

I'd think also not to worry about the whole oil temperature fiasco we are 
now in the midst of.  Another factor to consider is how much short distance 
driving you're doing, such that the operating temparature doesn't even move 
from the bottom of the gauge.

If you're seeing 60 deg c, maybe your gauge or oil temp sending unit is bad. 
  Isn't 60 the bottom most tick on the gauge?

Otherwise, furgitabowtit!

Derek P

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Reading recent threads concerning proper oil temperatures
has me worried.

In this, my second Avant, I hardly ever get the oil temp
gauge needle to climb above the 60 degree centigrade level.
If these low temperatures are going to promote condensation,
I need to take some action. But what????????BTW, I run
Redline 15W50 and get plenty of oil pressure. The radiator
and afterrun fan also appear to operate just fine.

Any BTDT's??

I almost forgot: I'm pulling the transmission next weekend,
( replacing it, actually), so I'll keep good notes for the


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