[200q20v] Front amber lights

Brett Dikeman brett at cloud9.net
Tue Oct 30 22:34:36 EST 2001

At 7:04 PM -0500 10/30/01, RicebalLDR at aol.com wrote:
>     As those of us that have converted to Euro Lights know you lose the amber
>parking lights outboard of the headlights. They are replaced by silver
>Tonight I discovered that my wife's 1997 A6 avant has dual filament bulb
>sockets in the front, outboard of the headlights. These sockets fit into the
>front turn signal lights located in the front bumpers of our cars. Maybe not
>the perfect solution however I would like some lighting in the front of the
>car if the headlight are off or the ignition is switched of. I believe the
>part number for the sockets is 4A0 953 053A Has anyone else done this

Euro lights, when properly connected, have a "city light" that causes
the headlamp to glow in a nifty way.  Functional, and I think it
would look better(IMHO.)

The reflector does work well; it reflects any light from a car next
to you etc, so it turns out visibility isn't that big a problem(I was
worried about it initially too.)

What I'd rather have is a Boxster style side marker, the kind that
goes on the front bumper sides by the fender edge and almost wraps
into the wheel well to provide almost 180 degrees of viewing.  Too
bad it would look like hell if it wasn't flush-mounted.  I then
thought about using some sort of high brightness yellow LED, but
decided it wasn't worth the effort.

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