[200q20v] peekaboo

Dikeman, Brett brett.dikeman at proactcorp.com
Wed Sep 5 17:52:05 EDT 2001

Hey everybody, long time no checkin.  Haven't had much in the way of
internet access(and thus outside-of-work email) so I've been off the list
for a while.  Good thing the list is running on audifans, because I wouldn't
have had anywhere to put the server when the lease ran out on my old apt and
the lease on my new apt fell through(don't ask.)

Anyway, the Big Baby's going to be in the midst of a few projects this fall.
In the mail as I speak, is a secondhand Autospeed IC mister controller.  No
simple boost switches in this setup!  It switches the pump on+off based on
ambient temp(sensor in front of the IC), IC temp(sensor behind/stuck in the
IC fins), and engine load/rpm(load via the duration of the injector pulse,
rpm via time between pulses...ingenious setup.)  Water is probably going to
come from a 6 litre flexible water bag courtesy your friendly local outdoor
store...located in the trunk(tubing will probably be run from trunk->engine
compartment via a veeeeeeeery looooong hose zip-tied to a brake line or
something convenient.)

The other project is replacing the head unit on the car as a first step in
converting over to non-bose audio.  The big problem is that my front units
keep dropping out...the driver's side drops anywhere from a few seconds to a
minute or two from being switched on; the pass side sometimes drops out
seperately(but always after the driver's side) leaving me with no audio up
front(annoying.)  So I might bite the bullet and have a shop in the area
replace everything.

But, for the meantime, I'm in search of a pair of functioning fronts(didn't
someone just say they were parting out their 200?  If so and the front units
are still present+accounted for, let me know!) and replacing just the head

If you're thinking of just replacing your head unit too, have no fear, the
Bose adapter -is- still made.
Soundgate(http://www.soundgate.com/rad-repl.html) still does in fact make
part AUB1, for 88-92 models.  A very helpful lady pointed me in the
direction of two sources...a)any Circuit City("they carry our entire line")
and b)a local shop in my area.  Crutchfield doesn't stock the AUB1 adapter,
but they'll still include their partial harness which gets you the power
supply lines, dash lighting line etc, so you don't have to butcher the
original wiring.

If anyone is curious, the head unit I'm considering is the 2000 Blaupunkt
Tokyo.  Most of the reviews I've found on any of the Blau units are full of
positive comments about their FM tuner, which appears to be the best in the
business.  The Tokyo unit also had a 108dB S/N for the CD, also top.  The
steering wheel-mounted thumb controller was a big plus to me(makes up for
loosing the in-dash display, which I'll miss.)  I also selected the unit
because it met the above criteria and had a seperate sub preamp out in case
I decide some time to add a small sub in the trunk, so I've got a lot of

Oh yes...and there's the euro harness from Blau that I have to find and
install, if Blau ever sends me the part that fixes the bulb-out warning,
that I've heard about.

Last but not least is installing my V1's hardwire kit, to keep Dan from
breaking into my car("If you don't wire this damn thing soon, I'm going to
break into your car and do it for you." :-)  I found that the guys who
installed the PO #5's aftermarket cell phone(car has delete-cell option) did
an excellent job(no hacks whatsoever) and conveniently left me a
ignition-switched power line from the fusebox to the driver's side footwell
thanks to the cell unit under the back seat.  So, I figure I'll tap into
that...and then use the ground point on the side of the dash.  No problems
with the unit being on whenever the sunroof is(dan thinks I'm insane and
should just go off the sunroof.  I say it's the prinicple; if I'm going to
do it, I might as well do it so it works perfectly.)

Hope all's well, everyone...


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