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I take it this type 44 stuff we are talking about here?


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First off, I apologize for not getting back to you earlier.

I am going to contact Thomas Ehgartner and ask him if he is
willing to do a group buy on certain products. As such, I need
to get an idea of exactly who is definitely interested and what
products he/she is interested in.

The things that have been mentioned:
V8 all-red taillights (US spec)
Strut tower brace
Badgeless grille

Also, please confirm that you are located in the United States,
that's where I'm located. My plan is to do the following:

1. Get a firm quote from Mr. Ehgartner
2. Compare prices to what one can get here
3. Check a couple other sources as well
4. Once the price quoted is confirmed as being much better than the domestic
sources (meaning after taxes, duties and shipping), I will give each of you
a quote on how much it will cost
5. Assuming the quote is acceptable, I will then need payment in advance for
the item- the payment is non-refundable once the items are shipped, unless
can get someone to assume your order- terms similar to what Leigh did for
6. Upon receiving the material from Germany, I will then repackage and ship
out all of the items to the various individuals across the country. If
local to me, then we could arrange delivery/pickup and save the shipping

Let me know if this works for you and I'll get the ball rolling.

As I have cc'ed the q-list and the 200q20v list, any listers with further
let me know.

[Alexander van Gerbig- if you're reading this, perhaps we can piggyback
depending on where you plan on shipping from.]

'91 200q

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