[200q20v] better alternatives for tubing?

Dikeman, Brett brett.dikeman at proactcorp.com
Thu Sep 6 15:23:02 EDT 2001

Has anyone thought of using something like viton or silicone tubing to
replace vacuum lines that are either hard to get to, or are exposed to high
temps(the TBV line coming to mind) and fail?  I've seen people use a copper
line near the TBV, but using a better quality tube designed to handle the
heat seems simpler.

Viton is incredibly expensive(about $3+ a foot, depending on the size)...but
it's rated up to 400 degrees F and highly resistant to oil.  Silicone is a
better compromise, at around $.33/foot, and it's rated up to 450.

What's the size of the tubing?  ETKA says something about 3.5x2, which I
assume means 3.5mm OD, 2mm ID?  Or is it 3.5 ID, 2mm wall?

Seems like every hose listed has a different size, whereas I always thought
there was mostly just one size of vaccuum tubing.


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