[200q20v] stumbling when I left

Gaidos, A. agaidos at got.net
Sun Sep 9 18:22:58 EDT 2001

 To update this problem, it looks like the 7mm line that runs along the air
intake from the bypass valve to the manifold was broken in two. It was under
the intake tube behind the heat shield for the turbo. I found it was split
when I checked where that line ran to. A little tug explained it.
 So it appears not to be the turbo bypass valve but related plumbing,
Wife's '91 200q mechanic

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At 8:08 AM -0700 8/31/01, agaidos at got.net wrote:
>  I drove my wife's 200q20vt to work today and I notice it stumbles and is
>little jerky when I lift the throttle. The heavier I'm on the gas the more
>seems to jerk around when I lift. I noted some of the indicater lights
>briefly as well, as if the motor might be dying and then compression
>This happened twice today.
>  Unrealated to this my wife is considering selling this car. She wants $9k
>I'm telling her $7.5K is more reasonable.

Oh, and I'll take several 8x10 prints of Picture 1 (Carol09.jpg), if
you please. :-)


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