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Mon Sep 10 15:37:12 EDT 2001

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> OK.
> Could you humor me just a little bit more here...
> If both front and rear wheels are adjusted relative to the same point on
> the chassis, then the total toe is centered around the straight chassis
> position. So, if you were to then change the front toe relative to the
> chassis, the steering system would go straight BUT the chassis would be
> driving at a slight angle and the rear wheels would be dragging slightly
> too. Is this not correct?
Not Correct IMO.  The final centering of the steering wheel is a very minor
correction of static friction induced errors and inaccuracies in centering
the wheel during the static toe adjustment.  Picture if you will, a
perfectly aligned DIY job having only an off center steering wheel.  We now
pour concrete around the wheels so nothing is free to move between wheels
and ground, and relative alignment to the chassis is fixed.  We can now
adjust the position of the rack within the linkage connecting the two strut
steering arms without changing the effective linkage itself.  Thus, we
center the steering wheel and the alignment remains unchanged.

Now, try to get the damned thing out of the concrete!  (The humor you asked


> Also, is total toe = Angle of left wheel from straight ahead + angle of
> right wheel from straight ahead?
> Thanks...Pat
> On Mon, 10 Sep 2001, Bernie Benz wrote:
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>>>> ....
>>>> The steering wheel is centered by adjusting the toe adjustments on each
>>>> side
>>>> in equal and opposite directions, thus keeping the same toe setting, but
>>>> correcting the straight ahead position of the rack and steering wheel.
>>>> After doing this, recheck your toe setting.
>>>> Bernie
>>> But then, the total toe relative to the chassis will be off wouldn't it?
>> No.  By making equal and opposite toe adjustments you are not changing the
>> basic toe setting, but only the position that the rack occupies between the
>> two sides.  The car going down the road will not know the difference.
>> Bernie
>>> Pat
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