[200q20v] wheel fixing

copley one copley at snet.net
Thu Sep 13 15:57:26 EDT 2001

for those of you following the Krumins S6 wheel saga, one of the
(well-pedigreed) 17 inch Borbet C wheels was saved, the other one is
history. (I dented both right side wheels in an incident on the way back
to CT from The Glen last month.)
I first sent the wheels to Wheelcraft, a well-known wheel shop in CT
that many of the dealers and highline facilities use. They didn't even
try to fix them, said they were too bent.
I then sent them to RimPro in Mass via a recommendation from the
RimPro was thoroughly professional, answered every phone call, and very
affordable. After a day and a half on the machine, they saved one wheel.
looks great, back on the car. I dealt with a guy named Tom Merrifield,
who also said they can source many of the wheels on the market and give
col hard facts regarding materials, strength, weight, etc..

I highly recommend RimPro .  Tel:  888-2-rim-pro.

Paul K (1995.5 S6)

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