[200q20v] Balky transmission

Mike Miller MikeMilr at blackfoot.net
Mon Sep 17 22:43:46 EDT 2001

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From: "Martin, Gary G" <MartinGG at aetna.com>

Subject: [200q20v] Balky transmission

> The tranny in my 91 200 Avant seems to not want to shift out of 3rd or 4th
> without a little nudge first. Cold, it's good, Hot, not so good :-(  I
> I can live with it, but does anybody have any suggestions of any magic
> bullet that might help. I put Redline MT90 in it, shortly after purchase
> about 10k mi. ago, which helped some. TIA
> Gary
> 91 200TQA.. 98k mi.
> 94 UrS4..141k mi.

Check the rear tranny mounts. Easy way - on throttle/off throttle and look
for shifter movement. Mine moved about an inch when I had bad mounts - not
at all with good mounts. Made a difference in shifting too.

mike miller
helmville, mt.

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