[200q20v] Clutch replacement options?

Joseph Vanzeipel vanzeipel at mac.com
Fri Sep 21 19:02:40 EDT 2001

I talked to a mechanic when I had the master cylinder replaced.  I described
that when the engine (transmission) got hot, the car would make a funny
noise when I would start from a dead stop in first gear, which increased
when I had a load on the engine or a lot of people in back, and starting
uphill.  The car would seem to slip, but no smell came through.  He told me
that it was probably the pilot bearing, not a worn clutch plate, and he
seemed to stand by his word, but he would need to take apart the
transmission to verify this.

Anyone BTDT?  Looks like I need to save some more money.

> Joe,
> Why do you think that you need clutch work?  Why do you think that the pilot
> brg is bad but not the clutch "place"(?)?  You gaave no symptoms that would
> substantiate this diagnosis.
> Bernie
>> From: Joseph Vanzeipel <vanzeipel at mac.com>
>> Date: Fri, 21 Sep 2001 14:15:23 -0700
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>> Subject: [200q20v] Clutch replacement options?
>> It¹s time to get into my clutch assembly as well.  I need to replace the
>> pilot bearing, but is there anything else I should replace while the car is
>> apart?  I think the clutch place itself is fine, I only need to press the
>> clutch pedal about an inch to shift gears.  Just replaced the master cylinder
>> (had a shop do this one, time constraints).
>> Because I¹m at college until summer 2002, I don¹t have the tools or the
>> garage necessary to do the clutch on my own.  Is there any alternative?
>> Should I buy a slightly used clutch (or the components necessary) and then
>> bring that stuff to the mechanic to work on?  Need some advice for those of
>> us that can¹t work on our 200qs ourselves right now (am I the only one?)
>> Thanks
>> Joseph Vanzeipel
>> 200q20v 116k 

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