[200q20v] Re: Any German-speaking listers able to help me out?

Phil Payne phil at isham-research.com
Sat Sep 22 05:20:02 EDT 2001

> I mentioned a possible group buy on some parts
> from Germany from Thomas Ehgartner, but my biggest
> barrier to communicating effectively with him is that
> I do not speak German.
> Are there any listers who are willing to help me out
> and speak fluent German tech-speak regarding these
> auto parts?

I dunno.  I got a bit irritated with a local Audi representative on our trip
to Ingolstadt last year and expressed an opinion rather forcibly.  Telling
it like it is, I suppose you could call it.

Afterwards another of Audi's team came up to me and very tentatively said:
"Are you German?"

So I suppose I could claim to be fluent.

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