[200q20v] 2800# 5ktq!

Neil Swanson 75377.3445 at compuserve.com
Sat Sep 29 09:22:59 EDT 2001

OK I'll bite,

Per reports from RA about 2800lb 5ktq "race cars",  what was taken out, no
I should say what the hell could be left of a 5ktq to get down to 2800
lbs?!  That is a serious weight drop.  I'd guess its safe to say it would
kind of take the daily driver out of it.

Someone here has or knows the owner of a flat black  5ktq that was at
Watkins Glen last month.  Paul Krumins, his instructor for a couple of
sessions told me the owner had pulled 500lbs out of that car.  He appeared
in my mirrors climbing out of the toe and I waved him by my chipped 91
200q.  And he didn't just crawl past either. 

 My ego says he was one up on track tires and I was with instructor and on
street tires but I know the real story.  He had grip, power and no damn

Anyone know these guys?  I'm not about to strip my 91, just curious.  Maybe
something to do if the car ever becomes  "the other car".

Neil, 3800# boat

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