200q20v still not starting...Hall sensor testing?

Mihnea Cotet mik at info.fundp.ac.be
Mon Apr 1 18:36:37 EST 2002

It's me again :-)

I just repaired temporarily the intercooler with JB Weld because the inlet
endtank was cracked and had a nice false air intake in it...so no more air
mass and O2 sensor codes but "Idle switch" and "Hall sensor" codes are
still present... I'll degrease the distributor as well as I'll be able to
tomorrow with brake cleaner and give it another try.... I also had an RPM
sensor code wich, I suppose, could be there because of the  no-start
condition, am I right? Shouldn't I also get the Crank Position sensor code
in these conditions?
Does anyone know how to test a Hall sensor? How should I measure it, test
it with a LED, etc???

Thanks for your help, the IC was indeed one of the main culprits....

Regards from sunny Belgium,


'85 Coupe quattro
'90 200q20v cranking over but not starting yet :((((

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