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Wed Apr 3 21:07:17 EST 2002

An excellent question and one that has finally prompted
my enlistment to this list.  I'll be 40 soon so we'll see
if that raises or lowers the average age of the list.

By way of introduction, many of you know me already, and
sadly or gladly, I am here.

I've had my '91 200TQW for almost 2 years now and will be
taking the next few weeks and months to bring it up to snuff
again now that winter is on the wane.  New tires, shocks,
springs (Eibachs and Bilsteins that have been waiting over
a year for installation), brakes, etc.

Between my wife and I we have five Audis at this point in time.
The '91 TQW keeps company with 3 90-91 90Q20v's and a nice
old '86 4000 CSQ.  We're in southern NH.  Not far from Mr.
Powell, Mr. Schulz, and Mr. Miller (they will all deny it).

Paul Royal aka 20RoT (20 Rings of Torture)
91 200TQW 135,000 miles
91 90Q20v 85,000 miles
91 90Q20v 150,000 miles
90 90Q20v 287,000 miles (over 50 track day on her)
86 4000 CSQ 135,000 miles
67 Camaro SS/RS 350 65,000 miles (go figure)

> When exactly does one cross the threshold into
> oldfh_artdom? Is it a questions of years - or one's
> ability to hold the throttle WFO to redline through
> more than one gear????
> -glen

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