weak alternator

TM t44tq at mindspring.com
Sat Apr 6 22:49:21 EST 2002

Weird- there was a debate about Avi's alternators where he
attacked me for being vituperative without cause.

Gist of it was that I expressed concern from my sole example
of an alternator which he sent me that I thought was substandard
comparing it to the Bosch alternator I had side by side, he
stated that the alternator delivered its stated output and that
there was nothing wrong, he refunded my money, I will never do
business with someone who refuses to admit any error when something
was substandard. Had I owned a digital camera at the time, I
would have taken photographs to illustrate my points.

He feels that I am personally attacking him for relating my experience
with his product. Considering that he refunded my money without any
problems, I think he is honest in that regard, but I do not consider
the product that I was shipped to be better than the Bosch alternator
that was finally installed in the car.


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