MFTS trouble, redux

Phil Rose pjrose at
Sun Apr 7 21:58:17 EDT 2002

At 6:52 PM -0500 4/3/02, Phil Rose wrote:
>About 6 weeks ago I posted about solving a low-boost problem by
>replacing a defective Multifunction Thermoswitch. Well, folks, the
>replacement switch--admittedly a used one--managed to last about 3 or
>4 weeks before exhibiting the same symptoms: low boost, intermittant
>overheat warnings (in the IC display)-- although the dashboard temp
>gauge continues to function OK.

>The new MFTS I've just installed is the commonly available "Behr"
>brand. Anyone know of other brands? The MFTS  sensors that previously
>have gone kaput  have been the Behr brand as well as the no-name
>version supplied by VW/Audi (with the VW/Audi mark).

I just realized that the defective MFTS I replaced last week (one
that had a VW/4-rings logo) wasn't a "no-name version" at all. It
_also_ was made by Behr.


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