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Mon Apr 8 12:28:55 EDT 2002

At 10:00 AM -0500 4/8/02, John Mallick wrote:
>Sorry about the post from my non-subscription mail address, but here
>My climate control is complaining about an "open G62" sensor (error code
>09).  I haven't dumped the codes in the ECU yet, but I did check the
>sensor with an ohmmeter and it is fine, based upon Scott Mockry's
>information.  Does the climate control complain about these things
>randomly?   I know it randomly complains about codes 08 and 15.
>The car runs well, and mileage is up in the 26-27mpg range on the
>commute in.  If the sensor was dead, I assume mileage would drop like a
>I know, I know...dump the codes on the ECU...
>John Mallick
>200q20v    145K miles

The CC error code 09 (in channel 1) is common in transition-year
(1989) models which did not actually have the G62 sensor installed.
But for the '91 200q20v you should not _normally_ expect to get that
error code. The sensor resistance may check out OK, but there could
be a wiring issue at the ECU. You might also check out the CC channel
that reports engine coolant temp (offhand I can't recall which
channel) from the G62 sensor.

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