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Wed Apr 10 00:11:59 EDT 2002

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This case of the Torsen debate was not a rehash; it is/was all new material
pertaining to race teams, and their experiences.  Very interesting; very
pertinant to our list.

When it gets to nerdy talk and lasts a dozen posts and or get nasty, then
send it off list, politely, to the torsen list.

In a message dated 4/9/02 10:30:25 PM Eastern Daylight Time, brett at cloud9.net

> The torsen topic ban was pretty much a Audifans-site-wide thing, not
> just the main list, far as I understood, but I could be wrong.
> The whole torsen debate has been rehashed almost every year since I
> can remember, if not moreso.  I fail to see why some people just
> can't leave it alone.
> Anyone that's curious about the subject is welcome to search the
> archives.  I guarantee pages upon pages of results, several night's
> reading.  Just brace yourself; the average maturity level is about
> that of a grade school playground fight, complete with the same
> arguing points getting rehashed again and again.  Every time they
> take it up, it just degenerates into who's better at quipping and
> sarcastically insulting the other participants.
> In any case, please take it off the 200q20v list.
> Thx,
> Brett

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