Poor radio recepation.

Bernie Benz b.m.benz at prodigy.net
Mon Apr 22 13:49:09 EDT 2002

I live in a rural area notorious for poor over the air radio and TV
reception.  But my 90Q-20V has always been worse than any other car that
I've owned, AM being really bad, FM poor.  With an after market head unit,
I've been using only the rear window AM/FM antenna.  Besides the usual
voltage and continuity checks, I have replaced the rear antanna amplifer,
with no improvement.  I have suspected that the rear window traces are the
problem, but the rear window heater, the FM antenna, works.  The AM antenna,
the upper two traces on the window, show ohmeter continuity from their far
ends to the amplifier connection, but AM reception sucks unless I am in a
strong signal, metro area.  Just short of throwing a rock through the rear
window and having my comprehensive replace it as a trial solution, I found a
super performing replacement for only $28.  I was skeptical, but it is so
good that I'm going to dump the Audi system in my 200Q-20V also.

It is Antenna World's AW 276E,
It is an amplified, small folded dipole that sticks on inside the
windshield, fiting easily behind the rear view mirror on the blackend area
of the glass, up against the head liner moulding.  If anyone wants more
specifics on this straight forward installation, ask.


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