Oh noooo, sudden Pentosin leak ...

Scalmanini Steve sscalmanini at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 22 16:13:59 EDT 2002

That seems like it, Kneale; thanks.  This morning the
reservoir drained in ~ 2 miles so I couldn't drive it
the 40 miles to my mechanic.  I had it towed to my
brother-in-law's mechanic who confirmed it was the
pump.  I don't know what the "center seals" are, but
one plug adjacent to one high-pressure hose attachment
was gushing, and the pulleys/belts threw it around a
lot, as you said.

Blau committed to ship a new pump today FedEx for
morning delivery tomorrow (current pump was bought
from them and installed 16 months ago).  Eventual cost
is supposed to be only the $30 overnight shipping.  I
have my fingers crossed.

I'll report tomorrow on the results.


--- Kneale Brownson <knotnook at traverse.com> wrote:

> Both of my sudden big leaks of Pentosin (one
> 200q20v, one V8) have involved
> the center seals on the pump failing.  Both
> basically emptied the reservoir
> in 5-10 miles of driving.  >
> When the pump leaks a lot,  the pulley/belt
> movements seem to send the oil
> all over the driver side of the engine compartment,

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