TENS cables(important safety item)

Brett Dikeman brett at cloud9.net
Tue Apr 23 12:17:05 EDT 2002

Justin's email reminded me about something I've been meaning to post about.

Folks should check theirs if they can to make sure the TENS cable is
in place.  My mechanic found that for some reason, most of the
connectors to the tranny were cut and then scotch-locked, AND the
TENS cable had been zip-tied up and out of the way, not around the
bracket on the tranny.  Cute, etc?  Talk about cutting corners when
doing a clutch job(or worse, if the tranny was replaced.)

The TENS system is a pretty important safety feature, so I'd
recommend people check to make sure the cable wasn't left unattached
by a lazy(or incompetent) mechanic.  For those who don't know, TENS
is a mechanical seatbelt pretensioner system; if the engine+tranny
get pushed back, a bracket on the tranny yanks the cable, and that
tightens the 2 front seatbelts.  The bracket might be a little hard
to see with all the stuff in the way, but look along the top surface
of the tranny with a flashlight...it shouldn't be -too- hard to miss.
I'll see if maybe I can get a picture of it some time...

"They that give up essential liberty to obtain temporary
safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." - Ben Franklin

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