subwoofer and bose - Bi-amp it!

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Fri Apr 26 04:12:58 EDT 2002

I think your best bet would be to add a sep sub amp
and crossover with adjsutable level controls and adj
crossover freq and slope. Bi-amping rules!



--- Bryan Foster <bfoster at> wrote:
> Has anyone successfully installed an aftermarket,
> self-powered sub with the
> bose system?  I guess you would have to use speaker
> level inputs to the
> sub and I know there is an ohms issue.  If the bose
> system runs on lower
> ohms than a typical system, can you just add a
> resistor in series
> (resistance adds in series) to get the system up to
> the usual 8 ohms?
> Thanks,
> Bryan Foster
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