Hard Starting, Revisited

RGuzz rguzz at mindspring.com
Sun Apr 28 16:55:14 EDT 2002

224k miles but with rebuild along the way, recent complete tune up,
plugs, wires, rotor, starts hard only when hot, after running, and when
it is hot outside, say over 88 degrees. 20 cranks at least, usually a
couple of tries. Worse 20-30minutes after a run, when engine is probably
hottest. This occurred before the tune up. Perfect starts when cold and
cool out. Seems to run fine otherwise with i think full power, at least
with full boost. Fuel pump hum is evident but not obtrusive. State of
injectors has not been investigated. Typical fuel smell, intermittent,
near fuel tank but no evident leaks.
This really is a summer problem and has been for over two years, as long
as i have had the car. It never happens during the winter (maybe once).

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