Replacement Metal Distributor Gears

Derek Pulvino dbpulvino at
Fri Aug 2 16:51:27 EDT 2002

Hey all,

If anybody recalls, about 4-5 months ago talk started surfacing about
finding a manufacturer to fabricate a metal replacement distributor drive
gear for the 3B, and 7A engined vehicles.  Well at long last we have finally
gotten a proper model and tooling, ran a prototype, and successfully
manufactured a batch of the part.  Originally, as I had received enough
"ready to buy" emails to more or less sell out the production run, I didn't
want go back to the lists only to turn people away.  Things have changed to
some degree.

Yesterday we shipped to the those who had originally paid about 3 months ago
(if you were in the paid group and are reading this, thanks again for
sticking in there).  Let's just say the time between paying and shipping is
related to some manufacturing snafus.  Because of this delay, I had been
asking those who had contacted me with interest to hold off on paying until
delivery to the first group was imminent.

As of about a ten days ago I informed those in the interested/unpaid group
that we were ready to accept payments for the next (and likely final) batch
of gears.  Since follow through from "interested" parties has been a bit
low, I'd like to let people know that there is some existing availability
for stock on hand.

I know this kind of falls in the gray area for selling via the lists, but
please bear in mind that this is not a profit making venture.  We are
selling the gears for the same cost the manufacturer has sold them to us

If you're unclear why we've gone through this hassle, it ties back to Audi's
use of a plastic drive gear on the factory supplied distributors on the 3b
and 7a engines from the factory.  Over time, this plastic has been known to
become brittle and crack, leaving your distributor inoperative.  Previously,
the only way to fix this was to purchase the entire distributor from Audi,
which would be supplied with a metal gear.  As a broken gear could lead to
anything from timing problems, to at the worst extreme crossfiring, this is
kind of like cheap insurance.

If you are interested, please contact myself at geargp at or Bernie
Benz (one of our "consulting engineers" and prototype mule) at
b.m.benz at  From here, as there is a limited number of gears
currently available, this is on a first come first serve basis, with nothing
final until we receive payment.  From our end, this a sooner the better
situation, as I'd really like to get our manufacturer paid for his time and
effort, and use my time in other endeavors.

As an aside, Bernie's been running the prototype gear on one of his cars for
the last 3-weeks.  Narry a problem.

Derek Pulvino

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