G60 brake pad questions

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Mon Aug 12 10:33:32 EDT 2002

No, you don't need the clips. The pads will work OK without the
clip--you'll just hear a little squeal (or a lot) upon light application of
the pedal. I assume you're changing back to other pads after the track
event? If not, you may wish to apply some anti-squeal gunk (technical term)
to the backing of the outer pads, but I'd wait to do that until after the
track sessions. I'm currently running pads that came without the clips and
I used an anti-squeal spray-on product. No squeal yet (after about 500
miles use).

Forget about retrofitting the wear indicators. Use a loop of wire to short
across the contacts of the car's female connectors in order to eliminate
the brakewear warning light. Or --if you're not re-using the old brakepads,
cut their connectors off,  and twist the wires together to accomplish the
same thing (i.e., complete the loop to disable the indicator light).


P.S. Make sure to bed in the new pads before going to the track. Follow the
procedure that comes with the pads--takes just 15-20 minutes (and a
deserted, straight stretch of roadway.)

At 6:58 AM +0100 8/12/02, dkpriebe wrote:
>I changed the brake pads on my 200, with the G60 calipers today for the
>first time. I put in some Hawk HPS in anticipation of an upcoming track
>event. Everything went pretty smoothly with the exception of one thing. The
>outboard pads that I removed had a wire clip which basically attached the
>outside of the backing plate to the carrier. The clip was held on by 2 torx
>screws into the backing plate. The replacement Hawks did not have these
>clips, nor was the backing plate even threaded to accept these being
>attached. So I went ahead and just installed them without the clips. I took
>it out for a test drive and everything seems just fine. So, is this an ok
>installation? or do I really need these clips?
>The other things I was wondering about was the brake pad wear indicator. The
>Hawks didn't have the wiring. So if I want to put the wires in, do I just
>drill a little hole next to the backing plate to insert the little plug and
>wire? I doubt that I'm going to actually do it, but I'm just curious. Today,
>I just twisted the wire together.
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