A time to choose: to UFO or not to UFO

Bernie Benz b.m.benz at prodigy.net
Wed Aug 14 23:35:21 EDT 2002

> From: Zoot531 at aol.com
> Bernie,
> Not knowing your past experiences with Big O, I guess I can't speak for
> you, but as for me and our farm's (rather large) fleet of vehicles, those
> "monkeys" have always done a stellar job at maintaining, repairing, and in
> this instance, diagnosing any brake-wheel-tire issues at a reasonable rate.
> Sounds like they may be a little high in this instance, but hey, they're only
> monkeys right?  What can we expect?

But obviously they have never worked on Audis, nor even seen UFOs.

No one has yet given the best possible advice, IMO.  DIY!  Get familar with
your own brakes.  Most probably you will discover that you do not need new
rotors and maybe not even new pads, but that to gain the full potential of
the UFOs you need a caliper hydraulic overhaul, disassemblly, cleaning and
reassembly, followed by a full fluid change.  A zero cost overhaul, over the
cost of fluid.

> Many Thanks,
> Adam Chinchiolo

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