Weird AC Behavior

Paul R. Luevano paul at
Thu Aug 15 21:45:50 EDT 2002

OK, so it has been hot here in the northeast.  Damn hot.  However I've been
driving with the windows open most of the time because the doggie like to put
her head out the window.  When I do this, I sometimes run the AC anyway, to get
the cool breeze.

Over the last few days, I have observed a very weird occurrence.  When set to
"Auto" the AC will stop blowing from the dash vents.  This can happen after
several minutes or after just a few seconds.  It seems to blow out of the
defrost vents, but very weakly. Here is the weird part, if I switch it to
"Econ", it blows out of the dash vents with a vengeance.  I can then switch back
to "Auto" and it will repeat, lasting from several seconds to several minutes.

Anyone ever had this happen to them?  Any likely places to start looking?  It
would be nice to have AC on these hot days.  :)

Thanks much!

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