Weird AC Behavior

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I'd suspect the AC controller head or one of the vacuum lines.  Back in my
Dealership days, it was a common occurance on older(pre '88? cars) and Audi
issued a TSB for installation of a filter trap of sorts.  At that time it
was discovered that the units would fail because oil was being drawn into
the units through vacuum.



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> OK, so it has been hot here in the northeast.  Damn hot.  However I've
> driving with the windows open most of the time because the doggie like to
> her head out the window.  When I do this, I sometimes run the AC anyway,
to get
> the cool breeze.
> Over the last few days, I have observed a very weird occurrence.  When set
> "Auto" the AC will stop blowing from the dash vents.  This can happen
> several minutes or after just a few seconds.  It seems to blow out of the
> defrost vents, but very weakly. Here is the weird part, if I switch it to
> "Econ", it blows out of the dash vents with a vengeance.  I can then
switch back
> to "Auto" and it will repeat, lasting from several seconds to several
> Anyone ever had this happen to them?  Any likely places to start looking?
> would be nice to have AC on these hot days.  :)
> Thanks much!
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