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Fri Aug 16 11:13:55 EDT 2002

Brice/fellow 200 20 owners:

This is really good news for us 200 20v owners, and also a credit to the lengths that Rod Ramsey will go to for us Audi owners...

Please be sure to give Rod your business....his level of Customer service (I have NEVER been disappointed in 6+ years, and when there was an error, he took responsibility and expedited corrective action).

Rod has done similar research for us in the past - ensuring that the correct narrow Distributor rotor was sourced from Bosch,-Germany, despite the fact that all US Bosch part sheets spec the same rotor for all I5 10v and 20vs.

Rod may not always be the least expensive source, but he IS the customer service standard.


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At 11:39 PM 8/15/2002 -0500, you wrote:
>German Auto Parts only deals in BMW and Mercedes. Ken Donaldson at GAP
>referred me to World Pac at 510-608-5463 saying that they are the ONLY
>distributer who has brought a Nissens #60437 ito the USA. When I called
>World Pac they would not deal with an individual or a group buy.
>They looked at list of thier retailers and choose The Parts Connection
>at www.the or 800-472-1144
>World Pacs buyers called The Parts Connection last week and Rod at The
>Parts Connection wiill know by Weds. of next week wether they can get
>the 60437 through World Pac or direct from Nissens.
>It was Rod who started this whole thing as he told me he vaguely
>remembered Nissens making an all metal radiator. I checked out the
>Nissens site and found the model no. and posted it here. Someone in a
>Scandinavian country saw the post and got the radiator for a 20V and
>said that it fit like a glove. So, Rod started the whole search so it
>would be fitting for him to get it in first.
>Possibly, a group buy to The Parts Connection would lower the price. Rod
>will know by next Weds.
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