rekeying process for ign key and steering lock

Charles Baer charlie at
Fri Aug 16 10:46:21 EDT 2002

Thanks for checking on me, but I never had any trouble extracting
the assembly ( except that the casual description for freeing the
column was misleading, it's a bitch to get the unbolted steering
column assembly out of the dash ). The only reason I'm not done is
that I left town the day after I posted the question and was out
for two weeks.

When I went to an in-town locksmith, he didn't have the needed part.
I have a new cap (the black metal around the keyhole) on order for
$6.50 from a locksmith wholesaler.  I removed the old ones with a
dremel cut-off wheel using great care to not cut through the hidden
circlip.  As soon as the replacement arrives I'll be putting it all
back together.

I should take some pics while it's apart so we can put up a repair
description.  The part # is  P-31-609, which seems pretty consistent
among all the locksmiths and suppliers I contacted, V8s had the same
part listed as well.  With a new cap and the cylinder from the dealer,
you can rekey it yourself if you can cut off the old caps.


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> Charlie:
> Are you all set with the lock cylinder?
> Bentley vol 3 section 92.12 or 92.14 tells where to drill to
> allow the lockset to be removed from the steering wheel lock
> assy....the rest ( rekeying needs to be done by a locksmith.
> -Peter

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