Exhausting question

Ben Gibby jordad at hotmail.com
Fri Aug 16 19:06:40 EDT 2002

I appreciate the support, I have access to all the equipment to do the work
myself and the materials will cost about $30 or $40. I figure I might as
well start somewhere on the road to the car I want and since the exhaust is
all but shot, why not start there?

The to do list is-Replace the exhaust system, Replace the ECU, replace the
injectors and replace the wastegate spring, you see, all related. I lucked
out and got a car with very few problems and the ones that do crop up are no
problem. BTW I am a full time mechanic and have access to all the cool toys
needed to do it all myself.

Bernie and Phil,
  Um, OK. I can see why only a few regulars regularly post on the list. Most
are chased off by listers with an attitude.

Not being chased off,

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