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> Wow, this inspires frightening visions of a riced out GT-40 Mk II (Though
>  I'm sure that was not the case of said "modifications"...I hope.) In
>  reality, a GT-40 Mk II pretty much belongs on the track anyway--and I hope
>  to see a few running around Laguna Seca this weekend.

 Ewwwwwww, I see what you mean. The modified car had the 427 SOHC and
matching trans pulled and stored. In its place was a destroked twin turbo
351C (331cid)and close ratio trans complete with an EFI system that gave the
impression of 4 downdraft Webers. It also had pretty much the entire braking
system replaced, Autometer instrumentation, leather interior and A/C. The
paint was Guardsman Blue w/ white striping.  It was also driven 200 miles to
the event and the nose worn the tell-tale chips that truely give away a
street driven car.

 (Audi content: Wouldnt a lightweight Audi 4.2 be a beautiful thing under the
bonnet of a GT-40 replica!)


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