Warm Start Symptoms-Please Help

Grant Dion G_Dion at msn.com
Sat Aug 17 08:59:28 EDT 2002


Can anybody tell me if problem is a Hall Sensor or a Fuel pressure issue, or
another likey suspect?....My 200tq starts right up when it is dead cold.
When it is dead cold, after it starts right up, it often hunts for the
correct idle, tach goes from i'd say 800-1200 RPM. Eventually hunting stops
and car runs fine. If I drive it until the temp is normal, when I shut down
and start it after only  a few minutes it will start right up, but if I let
it sit for anywhere from 1-5 hours, (that is an educated guess) it is very
hard to start. . I crank it for 10-15 second bursts, then usually on the 3rd
one it starts. When it does start is stumbles for a couple of seconds, then
runs fine.
Any Help is greatly appreciated.

Grant Dion in Colorado Springs


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