Shift lever problems

Pat Korach tm2 at
Fri Aug 16 17:05:38 EDT 2002


I had the same problem with my 89 200TQ about 5 months ago. My shifting was getting
worse and worse until I discovered the problem.  It was the set screw on the shift linkage
at the tranny was loose.  Tightened it up and all is well.

Pat Korach
Kirkland, WA

greg-list at wrote:

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> Hello everyone, I'm having problems getting my 1990 200tq in to first and second gears and also fifth and reverse.  It seems the only gear I can easily shift into is third and fourth.  The shift lever has no spring in it anymore, you know how they usually spring back to center position when in neutral.  Mine has no spring at all.  To get into first gear I have to pull the shift lever really hard to the left and it just barely goes into gear.  I've removed the shift boot and have taken a look inside, I'm not sure what acts as the spring, and have never messed with transmission linkage before.  Anyone have any suggestions or ideas?  Thanks in advance....
> Greg Bird
> Portland, Oregon
> 90 200tq
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