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Sat Aug 17 11:47:26 EDT 2002

> The problem here is that....

In my opinion, your letters seem condescending with regard to the intelligence
of lots of people on this list.  I know you're just trying to be helpful, but
MANY if not MOST of us do have a clear understanding of many of the issues
you're discussing.

Comments like....

>> Insurance companies make underwriting rules based on experience and statistics...

>> If the policy has an exclusion, many many insurance companies will end up using the
>> exclusion and declining a loss, especially if there is ANY question about
>> use of the vehicle under the insuror's underwriting terms.  This is
>> particularly so as the severity of the loss increases.

Ya think??

>> number of people there go pale when they realized that they MIGHT be
>> at risk for a serious loss with no where to go for their own protection.

I find this interesting though....it took a lecture to make your folks think
hard about this????

>> People totally misunderstand automobile insurance....But a relatively low
>> physical damage accident can end up costing hundreds of thousands of dollars
>> in bodiy injury that can have an effect on drivers and their families for decades.


You're right on a number of points, most in fact, but there aren't many 16 year
olds on this list and most of us do indeed, "Get It."  I'm not trying to give you
too hard of a time, but these letters are a real buzz kill ;-).

Royal aka 20RoT

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