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Sat Aug 17 18:52:01 EDT 2002

> Well, I spent a lot of years owning and operating insurance agencies.

So, I figured you'd have something interesting to say.

> I suggest that you ALWAYS have the option of deleting it without wasting your time or
> dulling your buzz with it's reading.

Too late.  I see that pulling your chain, or your leg, just a little, wasn't a
good idea.  Geez Roger, you're so colorful and animated I'd never guess that
you were in the insurance biz... ooops, there I go again...

OK, I'll give you that there are certainly a boat load of people who don't
understand their potential for exposure to risk, or their policies, or the
ramifications of an enormous liability suit, or why their wives must have
La Perla lingerie.   My point was that most of what you were saying just
sounded like you were talking down to people.  My giving you a bit of a jab
was just that, a friendly jab.  Sorry if it came across as more than that.

As for the buzz, they were made for killing, pour me another Cardu straight up
will you James?

Royal aka 20RoT

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