Car jacking questions

dkpriebe dkpriebe at
Sun Aug 18 12:00:40 EDT 2002

I have always had a  few questions about the best way to jack the 200s, and
put them on jackstands. According to the Bently, there are four specific
jack points. I use these points when I use my floor jack, when I only need
to lift a corner at a time (putting a jack stand underneath for safety).
This works just great, but what about when I want to pick up an entire end,
or all four corners? What I've done in the past was to jack 1 corner at the
jack point, and then put a jack stand at the point where spare tire jack is
supposed to be positioned. This has worked ok until last weekend when the
plastic piece of the jack point was crushed by the jack stand. I would like
to put the jack stands where the Bentley says to use the floor jack, but
they are somewhat U shaped, thus it looks like that place would be held up
by basically 2 points at each corner of the car. Any thoughts or experience?

The other question is in regard to the torsional forces the car goes through
when jacking it up. There is a lot of twisting going in when I lift 1
corner. So to minimize this should I always lift an entire side, an entire
end, all four corners? Should I keep it lifted for as short a time as

In general, I use ramps to get the car up. Unless I have to take of the
wheels. I built the wooden ones that someone had sent out a link to on a
Mustang site. They work much better than the rhino ramps that I had used

Thanks in advance,
Dave Priebe
Kenmore, WA
91 200tqa 157k his
95.5 S6 100k hers

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