Car jacking questions

Kneale Brownson knotnook at
Sun Aug 18 16:18:26 EDT 2002

At 11:00 AM 08/18/2002 -0700, dkpriebe wrote:

>I have always had a  few questions about the best way to jack the 200s, and
>put them on jackstands. According to the Bently, there are four specific
>jack points. I use these points when I use my floor jack, when I only need
>to lift a corner at a time (putting a jack stand underneath for safety).
>This works just great, but what about when I want to pick up an entire end,
>or all four corners?

My procedure with Type 44's and the V8 is to use a floor jack cushioned
with a chunk of Pine 2 X 6 under the front jack points provided for the POS
jack that comes with the car.  The Pine keeps the steel of the jack's
liftpad from marring the bodywork.    I jack up the front far enough to
slide jackstands under both the front and rear padded liftpoints that are a
bit farther inside the framework.  The jackstands I use cradle those padded
liftpoints.  Then I go around to the other side and jack that up and
install the jackstands.  I do this on a cement pad and use a 6-ton rated
set of jackstands that have a wider base that some of the others I've
seen.  I'd be afraid of the jackstands tipping over if I used more narrow
ones or didn't have the cement pad.

If I want to get the car up higher than the lowest or next-to-lowest
settings on my jackstands, I'll  drive onto FOUR ramps and then jack up
from there.  I have used a procedure of getting four jackstands in place
and then gradually raise each side, but that's a lot of hauling my old,
heavy floorjack from one side to the other again and again.

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