Hub centric wheels

Edward J Kellock ekellock at
Sun Aug 18 15:36:51 EDT 2002

I can only add that I have seen both.  More recently some form of
plastic.  Some wheels I bought back in 1994 had metal adaptors,
but a couple sets since were plastic.

On Sun, 18 Aug 2002 12:32:07 -0700 "dkpriebe" <dkpriebe at>
> I recently discovered that my wheels are not hub centric. Yesterday I
> was
> having my tires balanced, and asked the shop about getting adapters
> to make
> them hub centric. They didn't have the correct size in stock, so I
> didn't
> get them. One thing that surprised me is that the adapters are
> plastic. I
> had assumed that the adapters would be an alloy, aluminium or some
> metal.
> Does this sound correct?
> Thanks,
> Dave Priebe
> Kenmore, WA
> 91 200tqa 157k his
> 95.5 S6 100k hers
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