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Sun Aug 18 18:54:03 EDT 2002

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I had that problem with my car. Everything was fine but the lights would not
light up when put in reverse. I took the reverse light switch off the
transmission and I pushed the little pin on the switch with my hand all the
way in and the lights worked. The switch was defective meaning that it wasn't
working unless it was pushed in very far. So try that, see what happens.

Dan B.

Tried to solve my inoperative reverse lights this
morning but made matters worse instead. It doesn't
help that I have no idea how any of this stuff works
but here goes.
Used Scott Mockry's test (parking lights on, in
reverse, postive to hot parking and negative to hot
backup and found circuit, same thing out of reverse
and still have circuit.)
I do get 12v on the reverse light circuit when I put
my negative multimeter lead on a metal object but not
on the ground for bulb so the reverse switch is good.
Bulbs are new.
Found some cracked wiring jackets but no broken wires.
After wrapping up the cracked jackets with electric
tape, the driver-side parking light stopped working.
Cut the wiring bundle that has the reverse and parking
light wires out of the car for an out of the car
inspection (it's hot outside) and found no faulty
wires. Where else should I look? I'm sure after I
put the wiring harness together again (it's too hot to
solder for now) my reverse lights still won't work and
the drivierside parking still won't work.
My suspicion is the ground, but do the lights get
ground from somewhere other than the 14gauge ground
cable in this wiring harness?
Do I need to check out the right side trunk wires?
doesn't look like much there.
Got to get a quick resolution. The wife is
threatening to give the car away.
thanks in advance.

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