Door handle armrests are terrible

Kneale Brownson knotnook at
Mon Aug 19 09:32:20 EDT 2002

You don't need to take the allen screws out, only loosen sufficiently to
remove the armrest.  I've used an allen screw socket on an extension so the
ratchet can clear the door.

At 03:08 AM 08/19/2002 -0500, BriceW at wrote:

>Taking off and putting back on the door armrests are terrible. It takes
>a 4MM Allen
>with 3 holes on the fronts and 2 on the backs. I had to lay on my back
>on a creeper to find the hole and push the spongy plastic over to get to
>it. And then to take it off I had to turn clockwise and to put it back
>on I turned counter clockwise.
>Some will go on off easily and some will take forever. I dont like this
>door armrest handle attachment at all. You cant really use the long
>Allens with handles as there is no room. So I just turn and turn untl I
>can pull it off with a regular Allen.
>Any suggestions on making this easier?
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